Dental Tourism: a different (and more cost effective) way to discover Tenerife!

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If you are in need of dental treatment and want to combine that with a holiday, speak to us at Dental Center Diparr and make the most of discovering the wonderful island of Tenerife, a paradise in the Canary Islands. Its incomparable surroundings, sunny weather, all year round beaches of volcanic sand, and its rich cuisine make this island a perfect destination for dental tourism, any time of the year. Go to the top of Mount Teide, eat some papas arrugadas (Canarian Potatoes) with mojo picón, taste the delicious gofio canario and, if you come in February, be surprised by the famous Carnaval de Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Our clinic is in Los Cristianos, South Tenerife, the place where the sun always shines.

At Dental Center Diparr we make it very easy for you, as we help you to organise your trip to Tenerife. Your Personal Assistant will help with all aspects of your trip and even transportation from the airport or hotel to the clinic at our expense. Everything is done for you, so that you do not have to worry about anything, ensuring that your visit to Dental Center Diparr will be as comfortable as possible. Do not worry about your recovery, our emergency service provides 24-hour attention. Your doctor will be totally available for you during the 24 hours after your treatment or operation, so you will be able to ask him about any doubts that may arise. Once home, you will be able to ask any query by email, phone or Skype. So take advantage of having your dental treatment in one of the most prestigious clinics in Europe, and at the same time enjoy an amazing holiday in the sun with beautiful beaches. Do not miss this excellent and unrepeatable opportunity to solve your dental issues while enjoying a unique island location. Dental tourism in Tenerife – it is the perfect plan. Shall we pack the suitcases?

In the last three years, more than 5,000 patients from all over Europe have trusted us to undertake their treatment. This positions Dental Center Diparr as one of the best dental clinics in Europe. All of our team speaks Spanish and English and will be able to help you with whatever it is that you need. So contact us today and we will begin organising your trip to Tenerife. Enjoy your getaway with dental tourism in Tenerife: a dream setting for first class treatment. Everyone knows that recovery in the sun is the only way to recover.

The weather in Tenerife right now:

Tenerife offers a great variety of micro climates. You can enjoy completely different temperatures and views, depending on your location of the island. If you want hot or cold, the island has what you want.

North, South, East or West, you will always find a corner of the island where the sun is shining.

Tenerife’s superb atmospheric conditions make it the perfect place to practice outdoor pursuits any time of the year. From the lush vegetation of La Orotava, Puerto de la Cruz and Garachico in the North, to the lunar landscapes of Mount Teide, you will be able to experience adventure and discover the whole island.

Take advantage of our preferred rates of accommodation. We can put you in touch with the right people who can provide the most competitive rates for accommodation. Stay where you want whilst in Tenerife.

Enjoy your brand new smile on your next holiday

At Dental Center Diparr, we will provide you with a Personal Assistant. From the moment you decide to travel to Tenerife, they will be at your side to answer any doubts and help you plan your stay. Just like a travel companion, they will pick you up from the airport and your hotel, or recommend activities and restaurants on the island. In fact, you can ask them anything that you want! At Dental Center Diparr, we wish to give you our exclusive and totally personalised attention. What does your Personal Assistant do fo you?

  • Your first contact in Tenerife and take care of solving all your doubts before you set off on your trip to the island
  • Managing and planning. This includes picking you up from the airport and taking care of all the procedures and reservations of your hotel
  • A person you can trust, who will accompany you during the whole process and answer all your questions about the treatment
  • Suggesting personalised recommendations for leisure activities and restaurants, based on your own preferences
  • They will be the perfect travel companion
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