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Dental Center Diparr Group

Dental Center Diparr Group is a corporation of dental clinics specialise in implants, advanced odontology and dental aesthetics. We have the clinic in Los Cristianos, South Tenerife. We are not a franchise and our centre has its own team of professional dentists. Do you have any dental issue? Come to your closest Diparr centre: we will be waiting for you!

Our Team

At Dental Center Diparr Group, we have professionals with the best possible training in the diverse field of advanced odontology. Our experts have gained their training in several countries and are internationally acknowledged. This is why many patients come from other countries to have their treatments with us. At Reception, we will talk to you in your language, so that you to feel at home.

It does not matter where are you come from or where you are, our team of experts will take the best care of your case with an exclusive and personalised treatment at any of our clinics. Dental Center Diparr Group – we are always close to you.

Would you like to know the opinion of our patients?

Patients from the whole of Europe recommend Dental Center Diparr!

I had implant surgery, the dentist and staff are all brillant. The work I had done is perfect. So happy!!!
Brenda Fernández, from Aberdeenshire - Scotland
Implants perfect, excellent Dr. and staff. Absolutely painless, recommend without reservation.
David Mills, from Cobham, Surrey - UK
Very professional, I was informed at every stage of my treatment. Could not recommend Dental Center Diparr enough!
Tracey McNamara, from Orford, Cheshire - UK

The Excellence of Dental Center Diparr at your service