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Aesthetic Orthodontics

Correct your smile without anyone noticing the best techniques in orthodontics in Los Cristianos, South Tenerife. At Dental Center Diparr, we offer you the most revolutionary treatments in aesthetic orthodontics.
Many patients postpone their orthodontics treatments because they do not want to affect their image during their treatment. That is why we present the most discrete alternatives to you in aesthetic orthodontics. The invisible orthodontics Invisalign is a method leader in the market with famous supporters, such as Tom Cruise or Queen Letizia. Nobody will even know you are retouching your teeth as they are completely transparent aligners. Or try the Damon System braces, which are not only transparent, but also offer shorter treatment times and damage the teeth less. So discover another type of orthodontics – aesthetic orthodontics!

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Correct your smile without anybody noticing that you are wearing an apparatus with Invisalign, the leading brand in invisible orthodontics. Invisalign are very thin and transparent removable plastic aligners that will gradually correct the position of your teeth. They are as effective as braces of permanent systems, but they will not affect your image at any point of the treatment. Many people wish to correct their teeth, but cannot afford aesthetic impact due to their job or them being a public person, or simply because they do not want their braces to be seen. That is why Invisalign is the definitive formula to align your teeth without affecting your image. Yes, that’s right –invisible orthodontics do exist!

Try some different braces, the Damon System Braces.
These transparent auto-linked braces mean that the Damon System braces close themselves around the wire to remain joined to it, instead of joining the metallic arch to the braces with elastic bands, as with conventional braces. This wire connects the braces without the precision of traditional braces. The result is a technique that uses less strength than more conventional braces.
Damon System Braces are applied just like traditional metallic braces, but they use a mechanism that joins the wire to the braces while the teeth are aligned. This makes Damon braces more comfortable to wear, giving you visible results in less time. So try a new type of orthodontics in Los Cristianos, Tenerife now!

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