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Advanced Oral Surgery

We have to resort to advanced oral surgery for cases, such as the extraction of teeth, tissue replacement or implant fitting.

With advanced oral surgery we can extract teeth, including roots, cysts or other pathological processes. We will also opt for advanced oral surgery to replace lost tissue (bone or gum) in the treatment of bone or gum grafting or operations to allow implant fitting, such as the elevation of the maxillary sinus. Finally, we also have to carry out a small surgical operation to fit dental implants.

Our advanced oral surgery operations can usually be done under local anaesthesia. But, if you are still afraid of undergoing an operation, do not worry. At Dental Center Diparr, we offer you our conscious sedation service, so that you will not suffer any stress.

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You can have dental implants fitted, even if you do not have enough bone. How? Thanks to one of our most exclusive procedures – bone regeneration treatment!

We will provide bone regeneration treatments for patients who have little maxillary bone or height available. This is because there has to enough bone available to insert implants firmly and successfully. Whenever teeth are lost, you usually also lose part of the bone and gum around them. Thus, they end up being reabsorbed by the mouth’s tissue. Now, thanks to bone regeneration treatments, there is a solution.

Through grafting bone or gum, bone regeneration treatments can allow us to replace lost tissue for functional or aesthetics purposes, and this can be done prior to, or simultaneously with the dental implant fitting. We have several techniques to regenerate your bone, from taking bone particles from somewhere else in your mouth, to using bone substitutes of animal origin. Have your advanced oral surgery operations in Tenerife South and do not let anything come between you and your implants!

A Sinus Lift is another option for patients that need to fit implants and have low bone height.

The Sinus Lift consists of grafting artificial bone between the maxillary bone and the maxillary sinuses under the ocular orbits. The purpose of a Sinus Lift is to increase the amount of available bone for the maxilla so that it is more stable and implants can be fitted easily. The technique is specially indicated to fit implants in the molar and premolar area of the upper jawbone.

Sinus Lifts are done under local anaesthesic and the procedure consists of grafting to fill up the sinus, in order to stimulate the formation of new bone. We will usually use synthetic filling and add autologous bone between the maxillary floor and sinus membrane. In this way, we are ready to fit your implants without any risk!

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