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Implant Dentures

Replace lost or absent teeth thanks to prosthesis!

Implant dentures (or prosthesis on implants) are, as their name indicates, screwed to dental implants. The prosthesis on implants are not removable, this is, so patients cannot put them on and off whenever they may want. Nevertheless, your dentist can remove the them to repair or clean them.

Implant dentures are the safest and most efficient option to recover your image and masticatory capacity. At Dental Center Diparr, we make sure that your prosthesis on implants perfectly imitates the aesthetics of your adjacent natural teeth, so nobody will notice that you are wearing restorations and instead think they are your own teeth. Choose implant dentures and forget about old-fashioned dentures!

Leave your mouth in the hands of our prestigious team at Dental Center Diparr

Recover the full functionality of your mouth, as well as your image, with permanent prosthesis.

Unlike removable prosthesis or dentures, the patient cannot remove permanent prosthesis. This kind of prosthesis can be made on your own teeth, by sculpting them and then cementing the restorations on to them or the implants. In this case, we will fit the prosthesis (artificial teeth) on artificial titanium roots. Although they are permanent prosthesis, your dentist will always be able to remove them for hygiene or repair routines.

Discover the hybrid prosthesis to substitute teeth and chew as before!

Hybrid prostheses are dental implants that consist of a metallic structure covered with acrylic, supporting the artificial permanent teeth. Six implants per dental arch will be needed to fit a hybrid prosthesis supported by implants.

Hybrid prosthesis on dental implants are made in the laboratory, over a metal structure designed and made with CAD-CAM and covered with resin teeth. We will work on a replica of your oral cavity and whenever we have the model ready, mount the teeth in wax and try them in your mouth. If everything fits, we will then manufacture the definitive resin prosthesis and make the relevant occlusal retouches to have a perfect fit.

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