tecnología 3d de vanguardia en dental center diparr

Dental Center Diparr is one of the most technically advanced Dental Clinics in Europe. We use some of the most innovative cutting-edge 3D technologies.

To diagnose our clients advanced 3D Dental Scanning is utilised.

Using the 3D scan allows us to diagnose our patients immediately, with precision and without delay. Thanks to this leading technology, we can immediately place any implants you may require and fix your teeth, all in the same day. 

Intraoral camera

We use intraoral cameras to carry out all of the procedures in our clinics. This camera allows us to check your mouth with accuracy, enabling us to give you a more in-depth assessment. This camera misses nothing and makes any and every issue easy to diagnose, treat and nurse back to full health.

What are the advantages of allowing Dental Center Diparr to look after you?