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Teeth Grinding

Tired of the teeth grinding that causes uncomfortable jaw and head pain? You can remedy this at Dental Center Diparr.

Bruxism, or teeth grinding, is becoming more common every day, partly because of the stress of modern life. It usually appears at moments of high stress, nervousness or while we sleep. This disturbing inconvenience can create pain and diseases of the temporomandibular joint (ATM), likewise the muscles of the face, jaws, cervical, head and even ears. The causes of bruxism are usually psychological, but it can also occur due to a bad occlusion. The consequences of bruxism undoubtedly extend further than the oral cavity, so we recommend that you come to see us as soon as possible to find out the origin of your teeth grinding and rectify the problem.

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Alleviate teeth grinding (bruxism) the simplest way with a Mouthguard.

These are the most widely used, fastest and easiest way to ease bruxism. A Mouthguard is a transparent plastic device, made of acrylic resin that is placed in one of the dental arches. This simple apparatus will avoid your upper teeth from pushing on to the lower ones, preventing the neuromuscular overload of the craniofacial muscles and also excessive dental wear. Your Mouthguard will be custom built and adapted to your occlusion by a professional.

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