prevención e higiene dental en tenerife sur

Prevention and Dental Hygiene

We have developed individualised protocols of prevention and dental hygiene at Dental Center Diparr, because prevention is better than cure. We will base them on your existing conditions, the treatments you have been through and the risk factors in order to adapt to both the regularity of your check-ups and the necessary examinations in your case.

All of our check-ups for prevention and dental hygiene include an examination, not only of the teeth, but also all of the mucosae and organs in the oral cavity. There will also be a specific periodontics examination, an exploratory X-Ray of the non-visible areas, an occlusal examination of the teeth, implants and an inspection and adjustment of all the apparatus you may be using.

After each prevention and dental hygiene check-up, we will give you a report of the state of your oral health, with recommendations for the optimal maintenance of your mouth.

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Dental cleaning should be completed at least once a year in order to keep your mouth healthy. So come and let our prevention and dental hygiene experts in Los Cristianos, Tenerife perform a plaque removal procedure to remove the accumulation of plaque and the greatest number of bacteria possible.
Dental cleaning removes stains on the teeth and plaque, including under the gums. During this dental cleaning, which takes 45 minutes, we will eliminate bacterial plaque and superficial stains. This reduces inflammation of the gums, reinforces the enamel and protects the teeth, leaving a clean and healthy mouth. It is important to go to experts like ours at Dental Center Diparr, because if the cleaning is done incorrectly it could cause severe oral health issues.

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