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Root Canal

Forget about swelling and pain! If a tooth has a considerable amount of decay or is broken in a way that causes inflammation or infects the pulp (popularly known as the “nerve”), there are only two options: extracting the tooth or undergoing a root canal. A root canal consists of opening the pulp canal to eliminate the dental pulp, cleaning the interior of the tooth to remove the vascular nervous (nerve) tissue, disinfecting it and finally sealing it to avoid further infection.

The objective of Dental Center Diparr is to achieve the best results for your mouth. That is why we encourage you to take care of your oral health and come to see us if you believe you may need a root canal. It is essential for us to keep your own teeth as long as possible, to avoid having to extract them and replacing them with prosthesis or implants.

There are many reasons to trust Dental Center Diparr

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