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Dental Implants

Eat again naturally and stop being self-conscious about your smile, thanks to dental implants. The objective of dental implants is to replace absent or lost teeth to recover your image and masticatory function. Dental implants are considered the most advanced dental reposition method there is, with a success rate of over 98%.

Dental implants are titanium attachments that we fit in the maxillar to act as artificial roots. When the healing or osseointegration of the implants has taken place (the time when the maxillar assimilates with the titanium piece), we will add crowns or prosthesis (new fixed tooth).

There are many types of dental implants, from the type that we can fit on the very same day of extraction, to shorter implants when there is limited bone availability or specific implants for the most visible area of the mouth. Contact us at Dental Center Diparr and we will find the best implant treatment for you. Stop thinking about it and choose the winning formula in dental reposition! Click here to arrange your appointment today

Recover your teeth in just one session with post-extraction dental implants! These are fitted immediately after extracting a tooth. The technique is perfect because it allows us to take advantage of the extraction and integrate the implant into the empty space better.

With traditional implants we have to wait for osseointegration to happen (the connection of the implant with the maxillar bone) and for the area of the extracted teeth to heal to fit the implants, a process that can take 2 to 5 months. With post-extraction dental implants, we do not have to wait. Therefore, post-extraction dental implants are the best alternative to preserve structures and achieve an optimal integration of the implant; hence, they provide a more natural smile. Try them today!

Can you imagine being able to enjoy all your teeth in just a few hours? Now, with immediate load dental implants, it is possible.

Immediate load dental implants allow us to extract the tooth and fit both the implant and prosthesis on it on the very same day. That is why this treatment is popularly known as “teeth in one day”. Without doubt, the immediate load dental implants are the fastest and most effective way to enjoy new teeth in a few hours. Come to Dental Center Diparr and discover the best dental implants in Los Cristianos, South Tenerife.

Very little bone available? Do not give up on implants, as short dental implants are the definitive formula in this situation. Traditional dental implants usually measure more than 10mm. So, if you do not have enough bone height when fitting them into your maxillar, they could damage your maxillar sinus and the inferior alveolar nerve. In contrast, short dental implants measure less than 8.5mm long, so they reduce the healing and post-operative times when inserted. The operation to fit them is minimally invasive, but very delicate. So leave it in the hands of the professionals, such as Dental Center Diparr, your experts in dental implants in South Tenerife.

Implants in the central zone, or aesthetic area, of the mouth can replace teeth in the most visible parts of the mouth without anyone noticing. These are the incisor teeth and their adjacent teeth. The main objective of these implants is to achieve maximum imitation of your natural teeth and obtain a perfect image. Occasionally, we will also recommend complementary techniques to fully recover the beauty of your smile, such as tissue regeneration around the implant, so that it to looks like the rest of the healthy tissue in the area. Get your dental implants fitted at Dental Center Diparr and show your best smile again.

These are another fabulous alternative for patients who have little bone availability due to a loss or re-absorption of the maxillar bone.

The zygomatic implant is a long type of implant with a link to the zygomatic bone (cheek bone) that is placed in the cheek, the most external part of the face. Zygomatic implants obtain their stability from being in contact with the residual maxillar crest, with the floor of the maxillar sinus and the zygoma.

Dental Center Diparr brings you the best implantology treatments in Los Cristianos, South Tenerife and zygomatic implants are one of them!

If you take care of your dental implants, they will remain with you for the rest of your life. That is why we at Dental Center Diparr know that your implants will last very long, provided that you follow our advice and undergo maintenance and control check-ups.

Implantology treatment does not end with the fitting of the implants. After that you will need to establish some maintenance and control routines to preserve them perfectly. This is the only way You will be able to see great results for your implants over time. With all this in mind, we at Dental Center Diparr recommend that you do not forget come to see us at least once per year to check the state of your mouth.

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