Dental Treatment in Tenerife

Dental Center Diparr is a leader in dental implants, advanced oral surgery and dental aesthetics. Our highly qualified team, the continuous improvements and the use of Premium materials allow us to guarantee the success of your dental implants for up to 20 years, providing that you commit to follow the surgery’s after care indications.

The dental implant guarantee will be void in the following cases:

– If the patient has neglected their oral hygiene

– If the patient does not follow a routine of dental check-ups and professional cleaning, at least once per year

– If the patient does not follow the instructions of the dentist

– If the removable restorations, such as partial or total prosthesis, are not preserved and kept correctly

– If the tissue of the gums or the bone recedes

– In the case of accidental damage, for instance if the denture is dropped

– If the patient suffers a substantial weight change

– If a general illness occurs, which has a negative effect on the dental state, such as diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis or a reaction after x-rays or chemotherapy

Thanks to the high quality standards that we maintain, Dental Center Diparr brings you one of the longest guarantees in Europe for dental implant treatment.

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