Are you worried about how your operation’s post-operative recovery will develop? You can go home calm and assured that your doctor at Dental Center Diparr will be totally available for you for the 24 hours following your treatment or operation. Thanks to our emergency 24-hour attention service, you will be able to ask him directly if you suffer any trouble or you have any doubts.

It is perfectly normal that you will feel some uncertainty during your recovery. For that very reason, you can trust your doctor will be at your complete disposal to answer any question that may worry you during the hours after your post-operative. Do not worry and rest sufficiently to make sure that you recover as quickly as possible. If you need to, just call us. Remember that you can always count on us, whatever hour it may be, because we know that dental emergencies do not adhere to any timetable.

The Excellence of Dental Center Diparr – Fully available to you