Implantes-dentales-Dental-Diparr-3What are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial, fully functional tooth roots, used to replace missing or lost teeth. Aesthetically, they look very similar to natural teeth. Dental implants are made of materials which can naturally, healthily blend in with mouth tissues. Diparr Dental Center implants are made of titanium and act as replacement roots for missing or extracted teeth.

A dental implant procedure starts with a 3D scanner in order to evaluate the bones in which implants are needed and how to place them.

A healing and bone integration process is required, which can last from 3 to 6 months since the implant placement date. After this time, the implant is ready to support the new tooth crown or prosthesis.


How the type of dental implant I need is decided?

The type of dental implant each patient needs depends directly on the tooth-supporting bone loss and the bone density at the time of the consultation. A 3D scanner is used to estimate bone density and it allows us to determine the current status of the bone without making any incision.

Usually, bone size is directly related to the amount of time since the patient lost the tooth – or teeth – that needs replacement. When we chew, the tooth stimulates the bone and favors its preservation. When a tooth is lost, lack of stimulation causes bone loss.

However, bone loss, in height and width, can be caused by an infection or any other condition that directly influence dental health. This is properly assessed at the initial consultation.


How does bone density determines the type of implant I need?

Bone quality and quantity will determine the type of implant each patient eventually needs.

It is important to highlight immediate load implants are only viable when tooth loss is recent and bone quality is adequate.

If the maxillary bone support is eroded or nonexistent, there is another option. It is the zygomatic implant, performed immediately with a full-arch fixed prosthesis, tailored to each patient.