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Dental Center Diparr has two dental clinics in Tenerife and we will soon be opening a new centre in the very heart of Manchester. But we are not a franchise, as we own all our clinics and have a team of experts in advanced odontology to offer a complete service. In addition, our centralisation system allows us to view your case in all of our centres. This way, we will be able to provide you with the best personalised attention, whichever clinic you go to.

It does not matter where you are; come to your nearest Dental Center Diparr and we will take care of your case with an individualised treatment.

The whole team will know about your medical information

All our Dental Center Diparr centres are connected with each other. Our clinics use a centralised communication system that allows us to instantly have your medical history at our disposal, at each and every centre, and at anytime, without waiting. So when you visit any of our three centres in Europe, all of the medical team will know your case perfectly, and be able to offer you an absolutely personalised attention suitable to your situation.

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